Back When I was in the Jaycess we had Christy Lane do a concert here in Vermont.

A look behind the curtain into the life, struggles, trials and tribulations of international recording star, Cristy Lane.
This story, written by her husband-manager Lee Stoller with Pete Cheney, during Lee’s confinement at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery Alabama, “One Day At A Time.”
Lee was forced to publish and market the book, the rest is history, a #1 million seller, “One Day At A Time!” Next…the Movie!

It reads like a novel. The book you cannot put down. It will make a great movie!

This biography is a compelling and captivating rags-to-riches life story of Cristy Lane.

Honest, inspiring and filled with the unique sincerity and positive thinking which has warmed the hearts of millions worldwide; whether by hearing her beautiful voice on CD, in concert at an auditorium or the front lines in Vietnam, her voice will touch your heart.

Cristy Lane’s journey is one of strength, courage and above all else, faith. Faith in her God, who carried her through her darkest hours of despair and unwillingness to go on another day.
“One Day At A Time” is a remarkable story of a dream…and how one special woman with the indefinable quality in her voice that people universally reacted to when she sings.

Strengthened by her own personal and private agonies; her husband’s infidelities, a near overdose of sleeping pills, the horrors of Vietnam war, and her brothers tragic deaths, 120 shows and almost lost her life in Vietnam; Cristy went on to earn 15 Gold and Platinum albums, winning the Academy of Country Music Award for Top New Female Vocalist of the year. She recorded the nation’s number one song and the #1 multi-million, best selling, inspirational album, and one of the Top 10 songs of all time
and biography all by same title “One Day At A Time.”

Cristy Lane is one of the top-selling TV artists and in print ever.

Cristy Lane was honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
“Hall of Fame Award.”

Cristy Lane was honored by having one of the biggest selling biographies of all time, “One Day At A Time”.

Available in all formats, Talking Book®, Audible book, eBook, paperback, trade back, hardcover, leather bound. At many sites and

Cristy Lane’s story will reveal the behind the scenes look into the music and publishing industry and how her husband-manager’s sheer determination and unconventional promoter-salesman persona forged through every closed door to introduce to the world his wife’s music, voice and story. He would propel Cristy Lane’s career into stardom.

Hear how she found strength from within and faith to help herself learn to live her own life, “One Day At A Time.”

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