A Compassionate Guide For Social Robots By Marcel Heerink

A Compassionate Guide For Social Robots
By Marcel Heerink

What’s the point of being human?
How does one deal with elusive things like trust, fear, being in love, friendship, and a disastrous morning attitude?
How can anyone handle the truth if there are so many different views on it?

If you’re made to be of service to humans, you’ll be facing quite a few challenges, because humans are full of contradictions, they will usually be anything but rational, and horribly arrogant. But fortunately, they’re amazing at dressing things up, they can occasionally be truly compassionate, and they are gifted with a stunning ability called “suspension of disbelief.”
These things are crucial, and this guide will tell you why, by addressing the challenges and possibilities of social robots, with a tasty blend of science and fiction — featuring a romantic, Italian love story; an enigmatic entity called P.; and an endearing, philosophical robot.

Marcel Heerink is an internationally renowned academic researcher from the Netherlands who specializes in using social robots in therapy and education for people with special needs. The surprising experiences and insights he gained with this are what urged him to write this colorful and quite atypical guide.

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A Seed: Proof of God and False Teachings and Biblical Facts by David Michael Griffith

Begin a journey into Christianity with the sole goal of building a relationship with, and understanding the truth of the Word of, God. This life-changing path and relationship being your one and only priority. For the new believer, consider “Seed” a beginner’s guide to direct you towards the truth. For the mature believer, “Seed” will reignite the spark. Wherever you find yourself, begin your journey now towards a relationship with a tangible loving God who wants to hear from you. And, begin this journey on the solid ground of the truth.

7 Simple Tricks To Remembering Names by Travis Tyler

7 Simple Tricks To Remembering Names

By Travis Tyler

How To Recall Names of People You Meet


This is a wonderful book to help us remember the names of those people that we meet.  I know that I will be using many of these tricks to help me remember not only the names of those people that I meet, but also information about them.  Within the book are several ways for you to remember and help improve your memory.


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