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Star Wars meets Starcraft in this high-octane science fantasy adventure about aliens invading from beyond our galaxy.

Humanity has colonized thousands of planets on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy. They have formed interstellar governments and can travel “shadow space” to reach distant locations faster than light. Their mages can manipulate matter and energy to create or destroy. A tentative peace reigns in the galaxy. That peace is shattered when the Federation of United Planets comes under attack from an ancient alien enemy known as the Krai’kesh.

Veteran Federation navy captain Martin Rigsby and his fleet face their greatest challenge yet when the Krai’kesh fleet invades from beyond the Milky Way galaxy, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Captain Rigsby, along with a marine lieutenant, pilot and intelligence officer, must employ every trick in their arsenal, including “magic” to contain the emergence of the enemy before it is too late.

Join the adventure on the far side of the galaxy today!

My review

Emergence: Book One of the Dark Tide Trilogy
Dayne Edmondson

One of my favorite genre to pick a great read from. Dayne Edmondson offers his readers a wonderful adventure with exciting characters who have enough flaws to make them real to the imagination of the reader. Lieutenant Selene Artois in the story was one that I felt made the story such a great adventure. She was dedicated to her talents as a pilot of a fighter, she did not accept defeat and even after ejecting from her craft she could not wait to get back in the battle to fight the Krai ‘ kesh. The story had many strong characters who were a great part of keeping the action moving. Federation President Joseph Galantos will have to deal with Richard Segwyn who many felt was a traitor. Isabelle Thorpe the Deputy Director we find out is also one of the Eternals. Two other characters who I felt really added to the humorous side of the story were John and Ashley Egerton who, also were Eternals. The marines have their hands full with dealing with the Krai ‘ kesh who want nothing more than to destroy everyone and everything on the planet. The acid coated rocks were hard to avoid and many ships were destroyed. I found the story engaging and Dayne Edmondson is a talented author who builds a great story. I look forward to reading the other book in the trilogy. I have rated this one a solid 5 stars.


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