INCLUDES : FREE Access to the in-depth companion book Master The Seven Works.

To Break Your Busy is to tackle the recurring problem and battle of Busy Work Vs Real Work in our lives so that we can reconnect and reengage with our creativity and Creative Core.

This war of works is relevant to everyone. Especially those that are stuck in their jobs, careers, businesses and want to be freer and more creative in work and life.

Prior to recognising the difference between Busy Work and Real Work for me personally I was disillusioned, unfulfilled and didn’t have a hope of turning my ideas and visions into reality due to overwhelm and Busy Workaholism.

As soon as I could tell them apart I had more time, energy and focus to implement necessary changes in my life and be better prepared and available to my neglected creativity so that my plans could be set in motion through consistent positive action.

What Break Your Busy (BYB) has done for me:

– Set in motion a signifiant life change that has left me more purposeful and happy.
– I now only work on average 1/3 the amount of time I used to before practicing BYB.
– I have all but eliminated Busy Work from my life.
– I waste much less money, time, energy and focus than when I was pandering to Busy Work.
– At least 80% of the work I actually do is what I call Real Work.
– I have more time and space for idea generation, exploration and implementation.
– My mind is stronger, faster and more tuned to my creative instincts.
– I am more in control of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and use them to my creative advantage.
– I feel like I am giving more of myself to the world and living my gifts more authentically.
– I’m clearer on the Why, How and What of both my work life and personal life.
– I have more time to live fully and creatively.
– I’m able to keep mastering and re-mastering The Seven Works for a more balanced life.

How can I start to Break Your Busy?

With this book, you’ll quickly be able to identify what Busy Work is for you, use straightforward strategies and steps to start eliminating it from your life and also learn simple techniques to nurture and enhance your creativity so that your Real Work has the reason, the time and energy to re-charge and power up its idea stream engine and make a positive lasting difference in your life as well as others.

Download this book to find out how in addition to the ebook edition, you’ll also receive:

– Access to my in-depth companion book Master The Seven Works for FREE.
– A PDF edition of the book (in case your e-reader doesn’t handle screenshots very well).
– The chance to get your burning questions answered in The Creativity Core community.

So, let’s start to Break Your Busy and Get Real with your Creativity!

INCLUDES : FREE Access to the in-depth companion book Master The Seven Works.
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