Ain Richards was born in a Lancashire Mill Town during the Second World War.
She was a very healthy baby but was stricken with Tuberculosis of the spine at the age of three. After spending eight years strapped to a board in a hospital bed, she returned home at age eleven, permanently confined to a wheelchair but determined to lead a normal life.
Here is her fascinating story – a rollercoaster of events – life in hospital, at boarding school and at home; family relationships; independence; the stealing of her innocence; violence; great nights out; travels abroad; friends and marriage.
She also writes about her discovery of real joy, security and love – and how, from her perspective – in a wheelchair – she really is ‘walking with God’.
Her story is both inspiring and refreshingly honest.
She writes: ‘God told me that my book was about Faith. The book is about a tiny child’s belief, in childhood stories about God, which built an unbreakable faith which cannot be destroyed, despite everything that life has thrown at her’.
As, with Ain’s agreement, we prepared this book for publication on Kindle, she was admitted to hospital and died there on 29th September 2014. We know that she is now truly walking with God – walking and leaping and dancing for joy!
We pray that this book will bring hope to many in despair, encouragement to many who are doubting, and confirmation of faith to many who believe.

My pick for the free book of the day today 11/19/2016

Vermont Book Works


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