The author has written a mixture of nostalgia and personal experiences that others will find interesting. If you lived through those times it will revive old memories and anyone should find something of interest.. This book covers the author’s childhood (born in 1942) and school days then continues into his first job in 1957 and the Rock’n’Roll years and love of that music. In his twenties he got the urge to travel and also worked at a Holiday Camp before moving to a Swinging London until the end of the 60s.
The book touches on the the following (and much more):
Sweet rationing/Playing in the street/School playground crazes/Festival of Britain/Comics and catapults/The Goon Show and other radio programmes/Canvey Island floods/Holidays at Butlins/Failing the 11 plus/Skiffle and Rock’n’Roll/First job in London/Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran and other Rock’n’Roll shows/Coffee Bars in Soho/Dagenham Train Crash/ Visiting Pen friends in France/Holiday Camp work and apple picking/On the dole in the North of England North/Bedsits in London/Stones in the Park, Dylan at Isle of Wight and plans to see the world.

Vermont Book Works


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