Twenty-two year old Shawn McMaster hasn’t been seen since the last time he played baseball four years ago. But when a chance meeting with Quail Township’s eccentric lures him out of hiding, he learns how much he’s missed, and the shocking truth of how little time he has to save his family’s — and his hometown’s — way of life. In his debut novel, John Lindholm investigates and reflects upon love, loss, and the clash between contemporary, suburban living and simple, small-town life. Oh, and baseball…While football may have taken over as America’s national pastime, in some parts of the country, baseball still reigns supreme. Lindholm’s fictional hamlet of Quail is no exception. Readers of “Last of the Third” will experience the game both from the front row as a fan and also from inside the head of the player. Like the participants in the Milwaukee Brewers’ Sausage Race, the story arcs in “Last of the Third” charge to their conclusions with all the twists and turns of Game 7 of a playoff series.

An excellent story.

Vermont Book Works
Last of the Third
John Lindholm

John Lindholm in his novel Last of the Third shows his readers the story of his main character Shawn McMaster. Shawn from an early age has loved the game of baseball and this story will be one that you will remember for a long time after you finish the story. At times in the story I found myself being brought to tears. The family reunion after Shawn had gone missing for the last four years was very emotional. The McMaster family has a family restaurant and a baseball field in the small country village of Quail, Pennsylvania. Shawn was one of the best outfielders in all of Pennsylvania. Some of my favorite lines from the story. “Changing a habit, ending a lifestyle required a drastic move.” Shawn’s girlfriend Cece seems to be hiding a secret that she needs to confront before the end of the story. Larry Schneider better known as Larry Last throughout the story provides much of the background of the story. Billy and Greta McMaster are the father and mother that provide the support of their prodigal son Shawn as he returns home. My least favorite character in the story was Albert Muldoon. You will find this story, one that will tug at your heartstrings. The Winner’s Locker Room and The Final Exam will be the true test. The game of baseball has certainly changed since I played back in the 1960’s. It is not just about the game any longer. Now it is more about where the game will bring you and the advantages it will give you in life. I have rated this novel a solid 5 stars.

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