“What a pleasure to read Dean Nelson’s personal account in his book The Experiential Approach. He incorporates many sound psychological theories and approaches which are presented in a deeply emotional and authentic way.

Nelson provides real life, useful guidance and direction for individuals of all ages to assess and redirect their desires and goals.

This moving account of the author’s personal struggles and successes throughout his lifelong journey magnifies the intensity of emotion put into this book.

The Experiential Approach is designed to provide a simple method for utilizing successful patterns that can work for those who are truly ready to make the effort and commitment.”

Dr. Anthony J. Barone

Clinical Psychologist, EdD

The Experiential Approach is a book for the millions of us who are searching for ways to handle the ever-changing streams of stress that complicate our lives.

It effectively answers questions like:

Do you find yourself in the grasp of procrastination?

Do your fears keep you from doing what you want in life?

Do you have difficulty maintaining focus?

Do your goals always seem to be out of reach?

Do you live with self doubt?

Do you feel frustrated over situations you want to change but cannot?

Do you feel stuck in your job, relationship or life situation?

The book addresses these issues and more by providing real-life examples that people can relate to along with simple step-by-step measures that allow the reader to transition into a feeling of fulfillment.

Interesting and compelling exercises within the book promote avenues for discovering hidden deterrents to moving forward in life. They will assist you in changing behavioral patterns leading to sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

This book was written from the author’s ongoing desire to assist those in need of experiencing the joy of living a fulfilled life.

It accomplishes this by helping people obtain goals, eliminate doubt, realize their potential and also aids them in discovering ways to implement the changes needed to create the life of one’s dreams.

Dreadful childhood experiences led the author on a lifelong search for meaning. This journey intensified his hunt for a sense of fulfillment and joy in living everyday life.

His haunting past contributed to feelings of doubt, shame, failure and hopelessness.

During more than twenty-five years of research and attending seminars in the self development arena he discovered ways of banishing the doubt and shame, accepting success and accomplishments and turning his life into a self-fulfilling path of meaningful relationships, creative destiny and the joyous expression of bliss.

The material in this book gives the reader somewhat of a shortcut to fulfillment.

All the years the author spent completing the research and learning the processes and techniques will benefit the reader immensely by providing an easy to follow, results-oriented plan for life improvement.


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