This is an excellent Historical Fiction novel.

Finding Billy Battles
By Ronald E. Yates

I truly must commend Ronald E. Yates for his story of Billy Battles. The combination of history and fiction are mixed together and out comes this most wonderful and masterful storytelling adventure. He is able to show his readers the adventures of a young man growing up in the west. Working for a newspaper in Dodge City. A few of the lines that I enjoyed from the story. “I probably could have walked away and avoided the ensuing violence. I chose not to because I learned early in my life that walking away from a scrap is too often seen as a sign of weakness or cowardice and simply incites bullies and thugs to molest you later on.” And another “Sometimes we just don’t see things the way they really are until we stand back from them and look at them with the viewpoint of time and distance.”

“When you are facing down a man, look him in the eye until he looks away. Most cowards and bullies will look away first, and then you can make your move. If he doesn’t look away, then you best be damned accurate with your first shot.” This advice was given to Billy by Wyatt Earp.

This book was excellent and the storytelling superb. I enjoyed the descriptions of what the old west towns were like at that time of history. As well as the characters in the story. From Bat Masterson to many others that Billy came in contact with. One of my favorites was cousin Charley Higgins. I have rated this a solid 5 stars and would love to read more of the works of Ronald E. Yates. Well written and a pleasure to read.


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