listening to your Gut

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Madeline Scribes

gut feeling

Never be afraid to jeopardize a relationship when your gut is sending you warning signals. Your gut feelings are usually correct when they are strong enough to break the surface of your psyche and make themselves known to you. Those uncomfortable sensations and that queasy stomach are all harbingers of what’s to come. Listen to them. Pay attention.

Gut feelings, or intuition, have been a part of us since the caveman days. It’s always been there, but due to societal preaching and teaching, we as a human race, have taught ourselves how to tamp it back down and ignore it. After all, it’s not good manners to walk away from a person just because he makes the hair rise on the back of your neck. It’s impolite to the hostess to leave a party simply because you feel someone is giving you the cold shoulder, even though no one else thinks so.  

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