Mysteries of Brettenwood
By David Blank

This story starts out with Erik Christian’s friends Marty and Danny convincing Erik to do their homework for them. Kristina Glynnis doesn’t like that his friends are always doing this to Erik. Erik and Kristina were next door neighbors. One of my favorite lines from the story. “Sometimes, when the wind picked up, the branches would sway as if urging me to come in, to see what lay beyond and discover its secret for myself.” Erik was curious about what he had seen. He ventured into the woods to see if he could see the woman or the animals. Erik discovers a black piece of glass shaped like a mountain with incredible details. The old wizard of the forest who had died. It was said he practiced evil magic, and cast spells and curses. People also said that he kidnapped children from Candlewood for his vicious experiments. What mysteries await discovery in Brettenwood Forest? The Candlewood Fall Festival was soon to start when Mrs. Bronte’s Antique Shop was broken into. The only thing missing was a crystal ball.

My favorite character of the story was Quincey Holmwood an explorer who had been deep into the forest and made it back and lived to talk about it.

When the black glass mountain that Erik found goes missing, Erik starts to experience strange happenings. When Erik gets lost in Brettenwood Forest, Quincey Holmwood rescues him. Another of my favorite lines. “No one took the time to explore the forest, so of course there would be secrets waiting that proved everyone wrong. There could have been dozens more throughout the woods for all anyone knew.” And one more. “What I heard next I’ll never forget. While we spoke, a low moaning wail, like something crying in pain came from somewhere close, followed by another, then another. Each of them slowly rose in pitch. The higher they got, the more my blood ran cold.”

Both Erik and Mr. Holmwood meet up with the witch. Mr. Holmwood disappears in a cloud of red smoke.

David Blank is a master storyteller and his book Mysteries of Brettenwood shows the reader a tale that will stay with you a long time after you finish the book. In the story you’ll find ghouls, massive spiders, vampires, mountain wyrms, swap ogres, pixies, and dryads, and other creatures of the night.

A fun read that I rated a solid 5 stars. I would love to read more works by David Blank.


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