How To Recover From Painful Losses By Emmanuel O. Afolabi

how to recover from painful lossesHow to Recover From Painful Losses
Take Steps to Full Recovery
By Emmanuel O. Afolabi

The author presents to his readers the seven steps that we need to follow God’s word as He gives us the strength to recover those things that we’ve lost. The books is a welcomed addition to the Bible that we have the promises of God to provide for those who follow His word. As he did for David and other throughout the Bible He will do for us. Emmanuel presents the stories of Job and many others who experienced many different trials and came out on the other side, victorious. Many of us at one time or another have experienced loss or trials. Emmanuel has done a great job of writing this book to encourage the saints in their times of challenge and loss. I found the encouragement to help me with a recent trial. I had two different so called friends who ended up stealing collections that I had accumulated over the last 50 years. They sold the collections and kept the money for themselves. Rather than hold a grudge against them. I prayed that God would give me the strength to forgive them. We need to know that God cares for each of us. And He knows what we go through. In this life we are often times too concerned about the “stuff” and not so much about the relationships. We need to focus on what is most important. Our relationship with God. He is first.
I rated this book a solid 5 stars. I look forward with anticipation to reading more books by Emmanuel O. Afolabi. His books are an encouragement to us who struggle.


One thought on “How To Recover From Painful Losses By Emmanuel O. Afolabi

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