Billy Battles Improbable Journeys Book 2 Finding Billy by Ronald E. Yates

billy battlesBilly Battles
Improbable Journeys Book 2
Finding Billy Battles
By Ronald E Yates

What an enjoyable story. The author Ronald E. Yates shows his readers the life of William Fitzroy Raglan Battles. Who after being married only eight years had lost his wife
He had killed others and also had attempts on his life. He leaves his young daughter with his mother and travels by steamship to the orient. On the ship he meets the Baroness Katharina Schreiber, who had killed her husband, but had not murdered him. They both discover that they are being followed by Oskar Eichel, who is a Pinkerton agent. One of my favorite lines from the story “Think of it, Mr. Battles what would America be today if the English were still ruling the colonies of New England?” While aboard the Trave Billy helps to battle the pirates. Another line that I liked about the story. “For these few days and weeks, we shall be weighed, not by what we own or by what we claim to be, but by what we really are.” The author does a great job with showing the reader the areas of the orient in description of the geography and also the local foods. Billy was constantly battling the guilty feeling throughout the story for leaving his family behind. The most interesting part of the story that I really enjoyed was the loading of the coal by the young boys and girls. That was an amazing task. I rated this wonderful story a solid 5 star rating and I would love to read more works by this very talented author. I love the saying’s of cousin Charlie Higgings through the story. One example “She was as hard to pin down as smoke in a bottle.” My favorite character was Billy Battles. My least favorite was Oskar Eichel he is probably still sailing the ocean. Maybe in the future, he will return. Well written. An excellent read.


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